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marketing interest group – photo from eons ago

I was looking through really old emails in my almost obsolete yahoo account and found this old and forgotten photo.    This was way back in Temasek Poly when I was part of the Diploma… Read More

My love/hate relationship with arabic numerals, algebra and fractions

I was never good in mathematics. It was my Worst Subject In School (WSIS). It is so significant that I have to give it an acronym. In fact, I started failing maths when… Read More

Goodbye (officially) NTU!

I am done with school. Results are out. Goodbye lectures, tutorials, projects and endless meetings at the benches. Hello to 9 to 5, monthly income and getting on with life. Erm. First. Must… Read More

random foto 3

Just a post to keep this blog alive while I spend the rest of December working hard on my FYP. Cheers!