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Harry Potter (robes) and the gang of WKWSCI

goodbye school: it’s official.

Finally don on my harry potter look-alike robes today, shook hands with the big guy of NTU, threw my mortar board into the air, jumped around, took a lot of photos, hugged a… Read More

Goodbye (officially) NTU!

I am done with school. Results are out. Goodbye lectures, tutorials, projects and endless meetings at the benches. Hello to 9 to 5, monthly income and getting on with life. Erm. First. Must… Read More

39.3 degrees of suffering

I am sick. Really sick. I have not been so sick before. Fever – 39.3 degrees Cough – very chesty coughs, my left lung hurts Sore throat – as if i have swallowed… Read More

26 March 2008

mad rush. editing.printing.re-editing.re-printing.queuing.anxiety.anxiousness.5pm.submission.over. hollandv.zhichar.marmaladepantry.greatcompany.superduperhappy. I think, we need to make a t-shirt for FYP. just like those for the thrill rides in amusement parks. It is not done yet. I need to ‘vomit’… Read More

rodent proof store and a braille inscripted toilet

here’s a small collection of weird and interesting photos I took…… I know it is probably weird to take a picture in the toilet cubicle. it is probably weirder to take a picture… Read More


random foto 3

Just a post to keep this blog alive while I spend the rest of December working hard on my FYP. Cheers!