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The league of extraordinary minions

After the surprising success of Domo-kun, I have decided to venture into something more challenging! It’s small, yellow and loves apples -  a MINION! I searched all over the internet for a good… Read More

Domo-kun amigurumi!

Ladies and gentlemen, after two weeks of (on and off) toiling, I am pleased to announce that I have completed my amigurumi Domo-kun! It was surprising easy to make, although I think that… Read More

01.01.10 Proj Bear

Yeah! I’m done, in the nick of time. Need to grab a frame from Ikea! Wonder where this will end up next year this time…. Happy New Year everyone! Have a blast in… Read More

proj bear 2 days left

Need.To.Sew. QUICKLY It is slower than I thought. and I didn’t manage to sew on my road trip to melaka. Shucks. Now, I need a miracle. Shucks. Back stitching is such a bitch.