yearbook photos… (with a twist)

Found a new website where you can generate your own yearbook photos. Note that it is not the modern kind. Be ready for a good laugh. More to come…. wahahaha..


As usual, the song of the moment has strike again. This time, a Cantonese song and a Mandarin medley. 陈慧琳-誰願放手 曾某人某一天某地 時間如靜止的空氣 你的不羈給我驚喜 曾說同你闖天與地 曾說無悔今生等你 也不擔心分隔千里 多少歡樂常回味 天空中充滿希冀 祈求再遇上 不放棄不逃避 今天失落才明白 默默道理 越是懷念你… Read More

Pandora’s Box

All shall be revealed when the box is opened. All bad shall be revealed and only one thing would be left at the bottom. Hope. And that is what I need. 

s.s.ex. in the city

Last Saturday was a fun filled day of KTV, waffles, fireworks and lots of ‘bullying’. Sweet Stone Express is just a stone’s (edit: oops, no pun intended) throw away from Clarke Quay MRT… Read More

overdosage of plants and being close to nature

How did I spend my first friday night on the ‘other side’? By being close to nature – plants, flowers, leaves, animals and eggs. First contact with nature – roasted duck and shrimp… Read More

Harry Potter (robes) and the gang of WKWSCI

goodbye school: it’s official.

Finally don on my harry potter look-alike robes today, shook hands with the big guy of NTU, threw my mortar board into the air, jumped around, took a lot of photos, hugged a… Read More

the worst illness – amnesia

I have been keeping a diary, on and off, since I was 12. And one of my favourite past time is reading the really old entries and poking fun at my lousy grammar,… Read More

my life’s a randomness

I am not a very reflective person. Most of the time, I just live each day as it is and do not spend much time planning what I want to do or achieve… Read More

Protected: when you need to cry but can’t

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.