me at 2009.

In 2009, I have… settled in a job that I like begun to realise what is it like to be an adult come to know the importance of stability in life come to… Read More

Perhaps Love

如果 爱 作曲:金培达 填词:姚谦 编曲:金培达
   每个人都想明白 谁是自己生命不该错过的真爱 特别在午夜醒来更是会感慨 心动埋怨还有不能释怀 都是因为你触碰了爱   如果这就是爱 再转身就该勇敢留下来 就算受伤就算流泪 都是生命里温柔灌溉   哦爱在回忆里总是那么明白 困惑的心流过的泪 还有数不清黑夜等待 如果这就是爱   如果你当时明白 后来的生命里是快乐还是悲哀 特别在夜深人静时想起未来 是否能平静不会想现在 只是因为你拥有了爱   如果这就是爱 再转身就该勇敢留下来 就算受伤 就算流泪 都是生命里温柔灌溉… Read More

This wisdom of Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button is probably one of the better films that I have seen recently. The idea of the story is fascinating and the characters are very distinct. Most importantly, as I quote from… Read More


My second attempt with my Diana F+ Lomography B/W 120mm ISO100 film Diana+ 38mm Super Wide Lens   Bob looks sneaky here…. Mr Merlion. Oh wait, could be a Miss too. And lover cows on the bottom.     The word ‘Tie Shu’ just come into my mind… Read More

Govt says, work longer as you live longer…

S’poreans urged to adjust to longer lifespan by working longer SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called on Singaporeans to adjust to longer lifespan by continuing to work as long as they… Read More


Somehow, words have failed me. Seem to be unable to express myself in anyway. There are resolutions to be made, dreams to be fulfilled and things to be done. Yet none of these… Read More

Lomo Lomo!

night safari, night horrors!

It was a pretty good experience spending Halloween night at the Night Safari. For one thing, the ‘ghosts’ are very professional. No matter how you try to make them laugh or laugh at… Read More

mistaken identity

Ever since a few years back, I have been receiving funny emails in my gmail account. It seems like people have been sending email messages meant for another Elaine Lim, but somehow ended… Read More

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