war photography

I bought a copy of Asian Geographic recently because the cover caught my attention. Source: Asian Geographic Perhaps I had been watching too much of Bones, but the cover was hard to ignore… Read More

Monkey business – perks of a writer

There are some things you cannot complain about being a writer, apart from the measly pay. Recently, I was invited to the food tasting of a themed restaurant at Holland Village. Presenting the… Read More

Grads exploit loophole

I think some of us, at some point in time did misuse our ‘expired’ matriculation card to enjoy special discounts. Hey, it is quite tempting. Imagine you are just out of uni, without… Read More

Dinosaur spotted near SMU!

Source: Time An Allosaurus puppet from the Australian art-performance group Erth Visual and Physical walks to the Singapore National Museum for a children’s program. Interesting sight! The three ladies just looked simply bewildered.

marketing interest group – photo from eons ago

I was looking through really old emails in my almost obsolete yahoo account and found this old and forgotten photo.    This was way back in Temasek Poly when I was part of the Diploma… Read More

crazy over t-shirts!

My colleagues and I love online shopping. Recently, we bought like 30 plus t-shirts from threadless.com. I alone, bought like 5 for myself and another 2 by the bf. At 5USD per shirt,… Read More

8 months, 9 months and 10 months

1. 8 months It has been 8 months since I gave my heart away. Thank you for everything. It has also been 8 months that I have been a little less of the… Read More


Received this email from a friend and thought it is quite interesting. Sharing it here with everyone. 第一句   如果我们之间有1000步的距离      你只要跨出第1步      我就会朝你的方向走其余的999步    第二句      通常愿意留下来跟你争吵的人      才是真正爱你的人    第三句      付出真心 才会得到真心… Read More

Diana Instant Back+

Give it to me!!!!! Source: Lomography Asia Instant photo with Diana! Very very tempting. But priced at around USD99, it’s a little steep.


最近又迷上了张小娴的书,让我想起了中学时期,那些不吃不睡也要把 ‘闲/娴书’ 看完的日子。 ‘娴/闲书’ 是我中学华文老师取的花名。 还记得那个时候,班上的同学,尤其是女生,都特别喜欢向张老师借闲书。而我,当然也不例外。那些书,让当是不懂得什么是爱情也没真正谈过恋爱的我,对‘爱’产生了很多很多的幻想。我深信,一段美丽的爱情,要有多曲折就得多曲折,能多沧桑就要多沧桑, 最好是越掺越好。轰轰烈烈应该比平凡好些,多一点戏剧化的情节肯定能让日子更加刺激,也许能够让一段平淡无奇的恋情变得非常难忘。 现在想起来,当时的我,好像有一点变态。呵呵。。。 现在,不要什么戏剧也不要那么曲折了啦。 天天快乐,和谐和睦就够了。 谢谢你,让我快乐。