Proj Bear Day 7

I sewed till 12.30am last night. But the progress is still like awfully slow! I went to dig out of the past cross stitch projects I have done, and managed to find this… Read More

Proj Bear 3/4/5/6

Okay, so I digress, I must confess. The weekend was spent on many leisurely activities except sewing. To my credit, I did do a tiny weeny bit on Friday night. The BF can… Read More

Proj Bear day 2

*Updated! So I did some stitching. But it is so tiring yet enjoyable. I realised how geeky this all is going to be, but I am going to continue updating anyway. Ha. I… Read More

Proj Bear Day 1

So as per my previous post, I have decided to revive my really old cross stitch and complete it before the end of the year. Why all of a sudden enthusiasm? Because I… Read More

Project Bear

My resolution before the year ends FINISH MY EIGHT YEAR OLD CROSS STITCH PROJECT! more details to come.

The thing about Facebook

My good friend made a comment about Facebook today “I can hardly bear to look at FB but yet, I can’t help but surf FB.” I totally understand what she means. You see… Read More

This blog is so outdated

Yes, indeed. Cannot seem to find the time to update at all!!!

Every man would love this (but then again…)

Look what I found from an old newspaper archive! Goodness. Such MCP messages. “Listen to him, let him talk first, his topics of conversations are more important than yours” “You have no right… Read More

Untitled folders and a lot of them

We have a shared network at work which makes it easy for us to transfer or drop a file onto each other’s computer. My colleagues are always complaining about how clean my desktop… Read More

Please to meet you, bowels and some other airlines stories

One fine evening, I was heading for dinner and passed by the HDB hub while a notice caught my attention. I made a u-turn and couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.… Read More