I am amazed at how my mood can change from joyous one moment and depressed the next. I think I finally understand why Huiz could not forget a particular ‘C’. Well… I myself… Read More


Time sure passes quickly. So fast that there is hardly time left for us to catch our breath before proceeding to another activity. Every single thing seems to be rushing to come next… Read More


No, I am not trying to be a show off here.. I am just putting the last entry as a for your information thingy. YOu can choose to ignore it or choose to… Read More


Nanyang Technological University Office of Admissions Level 2 Administrative Annexe 42 Nanyang Avenue Singapore 639815 11 May 2004 Lim Geok Choon 99 Lorong 9 Toa Payoh #99-99 Singapore 999999 Dear Miss Lim Congratulations!… Read More


Back once again.. The past weekend was both depressing and enjoyable. Depressing Was anxiously waiting for my results to be released via SMS. It finally came late on Friday afternoon when I least… Read More


All right.. After so long of inactivity, I am back…. But this is not gonna be a long entry… Just jotting down some thoughts… It is amazing how I can be so depressed… Read More


I think I have been strike with the Season of Depression again.. Haiz… Everything seems so gloom to me.. Everyone seems to be so unkind to me.. Everyday seems like another 24 whole… Read More

Relax at Tioman

So finally after so much complain about why i have not updated my blog I have announced that I have switched to another home… Hope everything will be great here…. Anyway.. Just last… Read More


I have been trying since to make this new blog look nice.. But still need sometime to make good progress.. So i think a 2 months lead time is just nice.. Haha.. So… Read More

Day 0

This will be a start for my new blog… Hee.. Hopefully i will be able to move everything from my old blog to here… Check this out soon….