The pain

Dear Scarlet I have been hiding this inside my heart for so long, 15 years that is, and I just need to tell you off once and for all. When we just began… Read More

fabulously alibaba and some wedding updates!

Time flies! It has been about 5 months since QY and I were engaged and now it is less than 10 months to the big day! What have we done so far? We… Read More

HOTweekend to kelong

After three weeks of planning, shuffling and reshuffling of people, we finally left for the Hot-Boys Kelong in Malaysia! True to its name, it was indeed a hot hot weekend with great company.… Read More

My third home

Upon receiving this month’s credit card statement, I realise, I dine at TCC more often than I eat at home. Ha, can’t help it. It is such a nice place to chill and… Read More

feeling happy.

Living for the weekends


今天 有一点累, 有一点闷, 还有一点点不愉快在心中 有一点嫉妒 也有一点矛盾 还有好多好多的不明白。 咳。。。 都怪那 名利权利势力钱币在搞鬼 人 - 为什么就不能懂得知足长乐呢?

romance novels and women

I saw this image from here recently. Reading the copy at the bottom, you will realise that it is an advertisement for the postal service in Australia. But I had a different interpretation… Read More


With such a title, you would have guessed this is a nostalgia piece. And yes, you’re right. Past.Present.Future. I was reading a group blog that I was part of some years ago and… Read More

Bimbo in…. Business Talk

Hurr, I have no idea really. Shucks.