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Interesting how our life revolves around social media these days. Want to check out what your friend is doing? Check out facebook. Want to see fancy photos of the food they ate or… Read More

HOTweekend to kelong

After three weeks of planning, shuffling and reshuffling of people, we finally left for the Hot-Boys Kelong in Malaysia! True to its name, it was indeed a hot hot weekend with great company.… Read More

Me and my ex-bf

Oh yes, it is official, he is no longer my boyfriend. … … … … … … … … … We are engaged. Ha… A romantic trip to Banyan Tree Bintan, a surprise… Read More

Please to meet you, bowels and some other airlines stories

One fine evening, I was heading for dinner and passed by the HDB hub while a notice caught my attention. I made a u-turn and couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.… Read More

war photography

I bought a copy of Asian Geographic recently because the cover caught my attention. Source: Asian Geographic Perhaps I had been watching too much of Bones, but the cover was hard to ignore… Read More

Dinosaur spotted near SMU!

Source: Time An Allosaurus puppet from the Australian art-performance group Erth Visual and Physical walks to the Singapore National Museum for a children’s program. Interesting sight! The three ladies just looked simply bewildered.

marketing interest group – photo from eons ago

I was looking through really old emails in my almost obsolete yahoo account and found this old and forgotten photo.    This was way back in Temasek Poly when I was part of the Diploma… Read More


My second attempt with my Diana F+ Lomography B/W 120mm ISO100 film Diana+ 38mm Super Wide Lens   Bob looks sneaky here…. Mr Merlion. Oh wait, could be a Miss too. And lover cows on the bottom.     The word ‘Tie Shu’ just come into my mind… Read More

Lomo Lomo!

night safari, night horrors!

It was a pretty good experience spending Halloween night at the Night Safari. For one thing, the ‘ghosts’ are very professional. No matter how you try to make them laugh or laugh at… Read More