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Be patient my young padawan!

Sing, Sang, Sunk. Yes, sunk. Being the 三分钟热度 person that I am, I have recently took up singing lessons, thinking it would be a piece of cake as compared to taking keyboard and… Read More


The pain

Dear Scarlet I have been hiding this inside my heart for so long, 15 years that is, and I just need to tell you off once and for all. When we just began… Read More

My third home

Upon receiving this month’s credit card statement, I realise, I dine at TCC more often than I eat at home. Ha, can’t help it. It is such a nice place to chill and… Read More

Proj Bear day 19 and other rantings

Here’s the progress… Amazing right – six days and only one small portion completed. Shucks. And now, I want to rant. Remember this article from HDB? According to the article, 8 out of… Read More

The thing about Facebook

My good friend made a comment about Facebook today “I can hardly bear to look at FB but yet, I can’t help but surf FB.” I totally understand what she means. You see… Read More

This blog is so outdated

Yes, indeed. Cannot seem to find the time to update at all!!!

8 months, 9 months and 10 months

1. 8 months It has been 8 months since I gave my heart away. Thank you for everything. It has also been 8 months that I have been a little less of the… Read More

Moody mood.

Sometimes, I am not too sure whether I should share my woes because I am worried about bothering people.See the irony in that statement?I guess, I am just a talented ‘worrier’.Internal struggles and… Read More

Pandora’s Box

All shall be revealed when the box is opened. All bad shall be revealed and only one thing would be left at the bottom. Hope. And that is what I need.