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Interesting how our life revolves around social media these days. Want to check out what your friend is doing? Check out facebook. Want to see fancy photos of the food they ate or… Read More


今天 有一点累, 有一点闷, 还有一点点不愉快在心中 有一点嫉妒 也有一点矛盾 还有好多好多的不明白。 咳。。。 都怪那 名利权利势力钱币在搞鬼 人 - 为什么就不能懂得知足长乐呢?

romance novels and women

I saw this image from here recently. Reading the copy at the bottom, you will realise that it is an advertisement for the postal service in Australia. But I had a different interpretation… Read More


With such a title, you would have guessed this is a nostalgia piece. And yes, you’re right. Past.Present.Future. I was reading a group blog that I was part of some years ago and… Read More

The thing about Facebook

My good friend made a comment about Facebook today “I can hardly bear to look at FB but yet, I can’t help but surf FB.” I totally understand what she means. You see… Read More

Grads exploit loophole

I think some of us, at some point in time did misuse our ‘expired’ matriculation card to enjoy special discounts. Hey, it is quite tempting. Imagine you are just out of uni, without… Read More

marketing interest group – photo from eons ago

I was looking through really old emails in my almost obsolete yahoo account and found this old and forgotten photo.    This was way back in Temasek Poly when I was part of the Diploma… Read More


Received this email from a friend and thought it is quite interesting. Sharing it here with everyone. 第一句   如果我们之间有1000步的距离      你只要跨出第1步      我就会朝你的方向走其余的999步    第二句      通常愿意留下来跟你争吵的人      才是真正爱你的人    第三句      付出真心 才会得到真心… Read More

me at 2009.

In 2009, I have… settled in a job that I like begun to realise what is it like to be an adult come to know the importance of stability in life come to… Read More

Govt says, work longer as you live longer…

S’poreans urged to adjust to longer lifespan by working longer SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called on Singaporeans to adjust to longer lifespan by continuing to work as long as they… Read More