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Neon Bib Necklace

After crocheting so many minions, I decided to take a break and look for something new to make! Was surfing online and found this from A Common Thread – Looks simple and quick… Read More

The pain

Dear Scarlet I have been hiding this inside my heart for so long, 15 years that is, and I just need to tell you off once and for all. When we just began… Read More

Living for the weekends

sleep is more important

This says it all….

Resolesson #1 – Don’t paint my nails before bedtime

Okay, so it is tradition to start off the new year with resolutions and so I should do so too ya? And instead of compiling a list from the beginning of the year,… Read More

2009 as presented in FB status

Yea, the status updates on Facebook really does reflect my year, kindda. Proj Bear has since been completed. And the man has bought a frame for me from Ikea. For once I am… Read More

Lunch with lumiere – Mary Kafe

Lunching with the office people is a fun affair! Yesterday, we went to Mary Kafe for some home cooked Eurasian/Peranakan food. Sedap!

Please to meet you, bowels and some other airlines stories

One fine evening, I was heading for dinner and passed by the HDB hub while a notice caught my attention. I made a u-turn and couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.… Read More

Lomo Lomo!

journalists woes

Seriously? these headlines are simply out of this world. Erm. teen pregnancy, 25 years old? which part of 25 do you not understand? I think lawyers themselves need professional legal advice from their… Read More