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The Persistent Minions and a Sleeping Totoro

After making one too many minions, I decided to take a break and complete another amigurumi that I started way back. Meet the sleeping totoro! This was really easy to make, following the… Read More

Panda panda panda-monium!

One of my good friends from secondary school is obsessed with all things panda! So for her birthday, we decided to give her a series of panda-related gifts! First up, Found this at… Read More


Interesting how our life revolves around social media these days. Want to check out what your friend is doing? Check out facebook. Want to see fancy photos of the food they ate or… Read More

HOTweekend to kelong

After three weeks of planning, shuffling and reshuffling of people, we finally left for the Hot-Boys Kelong in Malaysia! True to its name, it was indeed a hot hot weekend with great company.… Read More

feeling happy.

Bimbo in…. Business Talk

Hurr, I have no idea really. Shucks.

Me and my ex-bf

Oh yes, it is official, he is no longer my boyfriend. … … … … … … … … … We are engaged. Ha… A romantic trip to Banyan Tree Bintan, a surprise… Read More

sleep is more important

This says it all….

Proj Bear Day 12 to 18

Just when you are thinking that I have shoved Proj Bear in to the deep end of the drawer…… Hey, I did sew over the past six days ya. Just have been on… Read More

Every man would love this (but then again…)

Look what I found from an old newspaper archive! Goodness. Such MCP messages. “Listen to him, let him talk first, his topics of conversations are more important than yours” “You have no right… Read More