The Persistent Minions and a Sleeping Totoro

After making one too many minions, I decided to take a break and complete another amigurumi that I started way back.

Meet the sleeping totoro!

Shhh! Totoro’s taking a much needed nap…

This was really easy to make, following the instructions from one of the many free ami patterns available online. Love that it is so delicate looking.

Big totoro meets small totoro

Small Totoro meets big Totoro.

I realise after completing this sleeping totoro that making a crochet minion is simply too much work! You have like 10 different parts to crochet, stuff, sew and glue together. It certainly takes a toll on you, especially since I have been making them non-stop for a good 3 to 4 months!


One, little two, little three, little minions…

On my last count, I have made 24 minions! Friends have started to call me Gru… And really,  there’s no escaping from these minions, not even on my recent trip to Hua Hin, Thailand.

The hubs and I unintentionally booked a stay at a hotel named…. G Hua Hin. We didn’t think much about it, until we reached the hotel…

And lo and behold, the logo of the hotel looks like this -

Hotel in Hual HIm

Just look at the G! It’s totally like Gru’s logo.

It looks exactly like Gru’s logo. Even the negative space looks like Gru’s profile with his unmistakeable long nose. Not convinced? See this comparison -

Deja vu, anybody?

No, I’m not Gru.  I am the slave of the minions, the minion’s minion… HELP!