The league of extraordinary minions

After the surprising success of Domo-kun, I have decided to venture into something more challenging! It’s small, yellow and loves apples -  a MINION!

I searched all over the internet for a good pattern but they were all either

  • too small
  • too complicated
  • too detailed
  • too big or
  • too simple

So in the end, I combined a few patterns and ta-da! Minion #1 was born!

Work in progress minion

Work in progress minion – looking very much like a medicine capsule

Minion amigurumi toy


Couple days later, I decided that one minion was simply too lonely and so I decided to make another one-eyed minion.

Two minions!

And then there were two! Minion #2 with work gloves and hair.

Apart from the gloves and hair, Minion #2 is also slightly smaller than Minion #1. It’s not because I decreased the number of stitches, but rather, I have been doing the single crochet stitch with an additional ‘yarn over’! Boo! I have no idea why I haven’t noticed that before.

I am trying to assemble an army of 10 minions, so I am going to crochet on! People have been asking me to make them with two eyes but I really like these cyclopes minions better. Hahah! But we’ll see….

More minions coming your way! :)