Panda panda panda-monium!

One of my good friends from secondary school is obsessed with all things panda! So for her birthday, we decided to give her a series of panda-related gifts!

First up,

Panda pocky!

Cookies and cream pocky!

Found this at the Japanese supermarket at The Central. The packaging is so irresistibly cute! Not sure how it compares in terms of taste though. Haha. Was also quite glad that I could still read the katakana label on the packaging.

Then, after gazillions of whatsapp messages and making the store assistant run 5km around the shop later, we decided to get this adorable pajamas from G.O.D. for her as well. It’s so cute I wanted to get one for myself. Thank goodness the hubs was there to control me because it wasn’t cheap for a piece of PJs.

Panda pajamas

It’s really cute, isn’t it! Esp the tongue, which could also be a pocket for all the bedtime snacks!

And of course, I couldn’t resist making a panda amigurumi for her as well. I found a very cute pattern for a small panda charm and happily crocheted the next 2 nights away…

Two pandas

Hello pandas! Completed panda charm pictured here with my panda stuffed toy, Ah Ball!

So cute right! But somehow, the ears turned out quite big… Looks a little like mickey mouse ears. But nonetheless, cute! :)

I am crazy about amigurumis now! Something’s cooking in my crochet toolbox right now and I can’t wait to complete it soon! It’s turning out pretty well and I’m really excited about it. It’s another cartoon character, strange but cute like Domo-kun and Minions #1 & #2. Keep guessing! :P

Till the next cast off!