Domo-kun amigurumi!

Ladies and gentlemen, after two weeks of (on and off) toiling, I am pleased to announce that I have completed my amigurumi Domo-kun!

It was surprising easy to make, although I think that the finishing still needs to be improved. The eyes are kind of too high up and the mouth is a tad too big. But, nonetheless, I am really glad at the way it turned out. :D

Week 1 – The limbless Domo-kun

Just this morning – The ‘Bai-Kar’ Domo-kun

AHHHHHH! Here I come!

And once it was completed, it decided to terrorise the other stuffed toys…

SO CUTE! Credits to Nerdigurumi for the free pattern.

My next project would be one that I have delayed for a long time… Could get the right colour for the yarn. What is it going to be, you ask? Well, let’s just say that it is small, yellow, blue and can be very irritating! Will update once done. :)

In other news, the office organised a trip to the Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln for a heritage tour and to try our hands on pottery. It was really addictive, this pottery thing. Anyone keen to take lessons together?