Amigurumi Love!

As if I do not have enough hobbies, I am recently addicted to making crochet stuffed toys, aka, amigurumi! :)

My first crochet lesson was given by the BFF’s mother back in secondary school. But I didn’t have to patience back then and I didn’t really fancy making tablecloths, runners or afghans. It was only recently that I realise you could make such cute (though useless…) crochet toys that I picked it up again! While it is really time consuming, I really enjoy making them. Now, I think I am addicted!!!!

Here are some of my ‘accomplishments’ so far…

Meet Craig, the crobot. My first ever handmade crochet toy. :) Back then, PageOne was holding their closing down sale and I bought the pattern book at like less than $10! Was quite a steal. :) The final product was a little (okay, QUITE) different from the photo in the book but I was pretty glad it turned out okay. Had a lot of fun looking for screws, wires and what-nots to complete the look.

And then there’s Kirby, the crochet robot dog! (If you are wondering where all these names come from, they are picked by the BFF whom I gave Kirby to.) This thing is totally out of proportion but still cute. So cute that my best friend’s golden retriever ‘marked’ it from Day 1 and tried all means and way to get to it. One day, he succeeded and tore it all up. I think he’s jealous of this crochet dog. 一山不能藏二狗…

Since the demise of Kirby, I promised my friend that I would make her another one. So I found this pattern of an elephant from the Lion Yarn website. I finished all the individual parts a long time ago but had no idea how to affix the ears… So I procastinated until recently and just decided to randomly sew it to the head. Looks off right? Sigh… Never mind, try again next time. No name for this yet!

My most recent project is this Rabbit! Yes, it is suppose to be a rabbit. But some says it looks like the Piglet from Winne the Pooh. I think it’s because of the face… I had no idea how to sew the mouth, nose etc… There was no instructions on how to make the face!!! So I just randomly did a few stitches and that’s that. This is my biggest amigurumi to date. Maybe about my forearm’s length? Made this specially as a farewell gift for an ex-colleague… I did it in two nights! Proud of myself man!

Looking for the next cute thing to make. If you have patterns, send them my way!! :)