Be patient my young padawan!


Sing, Sang, Sunk. Yes, sunk.

Being the 三分钟热度 person that I am, I have recently took up singing lessons, thinking it would be a piece of cake as compared to taking keyboard and ukulele lessons.

And boy, was I wrong.

It was in fact, much harder than anything I have ever learned.

Or should I say, there’s so much I had to unlearn that I am feeling quite discouraged despite only having had 3 official lessons.

Thanks to my choir background (since Primary 3!), I apparently do not sing with my ‘real’ voice (真音). I  go straight into falsetto, no matter how high or low the note is.  So for the past few lessons, I have been trying so hard to find my real voice. It is really difficult! Argh. It sounds so throaty (i.e. bad) and feels so throaty. But my teacher (whom of course, I dare not refute) thinks that my real voice sounds much better than my 有共鸣 (resonance) but squeaky falsetto (actual words she used). Bleah.

Being the kan cheong spider I am, I really want to get it right and move on to other things. Like adding dynamics, emotions, range and whatnot when singing. But the battle to find my real voice looks like it is going to take a while. I guess all I can do now is just to soldier on. Be patient my young padawan!

Need to pick up my ukulele again soon . It brings me much comfort and joy somehow…

Dear Uke, I miss you.