fabulously alibaba and some wedding updates!

Time flies! It has been about 5 months since QY and I were engaged and now it is less than 10 months to the big day!

What have we done so far?

We have shortlisted two locations for our wedding lunch and dinner. One at a boutique hotel near the HTB’s place and another one that’s pretty near to nature, and animals… We are still deciding… It is not easy, especially when you have so many things to consider, like the budget, the location, accessibility etc etc. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will all be settled soon.

We are pretty lucky that the HTB’s auntie owns a bridal studio. So in a way, it is pretty much settled that we will be engaging their services. QY’s mum have already PR for us, so now we just need to set up a time to meet up with them. Can you imagine me in a wedding gown?! I certainly can’t. I have never been much of a make-up/dress-up kind of girl. Think selecting the dresses will be quite an experience. Actually, I can’t wait!

And for the all important photography, we will be asking a friend of ours to take the pre-wedding shots. I have seen his work and I am totally impressed. Well, I am not that photogenic, so hopefully the composition of the photographs will make up for my lack of looks. Ha! :)

Yes, we are quite kiasu! We have already bought the bands…. I guess you can say that we cannot wait to get hitched. Hahaha… Searching for the perfect band was quite a journey. We have visited almost all of the major jewellers in Singapore. Some of them, twice.

In the end, we bought ours at Love & Co. We found a pair that we really love. I had initially wanted to get an eternity band, but after some pondering, I rather not. Simply because I will be very worried about the rocks falling off the ring. Ha…  Just like how conscious I am when I have my proposal ring on!

In the end, we manage to find one pair that we love. Funny thing is, we didn’t really like it the first time we saw it. During the second visit, we tried it on, and bingo, we bought it. It is thicker than the usual band, something that QY likes. I can’t complain too, because mine has the sparkles on it… Not to many, just a few. :P

And what did we inscribed on the ring? well, it’s live.laugh.love. that’s the future we want for ourselves. To live every moment, to laugh everyday and to love, well, forever. Not the most original, but certainly the best for us. :)

This is an amazing process! There are probably like another 10,000 things that we have to do, but I am so totally going to enjoy myself… I think… Haha.

Till then! :)

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