romance novels and women

I saw this image from here recently.

Reaching out and touching lives

Reaching out and touching lives

Reading the copy at the bottom, you will realise that it is an advertisement for the postal service in Australia.

But I had a different interpretation of the image when I first looked at it.

I thought it was some advertisement for a library or something like that. Like how much impact books and stories can have on us.

And then I thought of how women are somehow just drawn to reading romance novel, chick flicks  etc etc.

I mean, just one morning on the public transport and you would see all kinds of books people are reading. Very often, I realise that the women would be reading some sort of a novel, while the men will be reading newspaper or some guide books (how to be rich etc etc).

The Chinese love novels are the easiest to identify – the cover is usually a illustration of a pretty girl and then some sappy title (爱君无反顾 or 情潦冰心 and the like). Those reading these novels are generally ladies in their 30s to 40s. I think, quite obvious why, as they are probably more well versed in mandarin as compared to those in the 20s, who grew up in a more ang mo environment.

The English love novels are quite easy to identify too – they also have drawings of women in a caricature style or images of women sans the face (like focus on the legs or torso or back or something like that). These days, you also see novels that are made as movies such as Dear John or the Notebook.. And women of all ages read these books. Or at least I have seen women of all race and ages reading them.

I have been downloading several of such novels for free via Stanza and reading them off my ipod touch. It makes me wonder, what is the draw of such stories?

I mean, they are unrealistic, always involving a very pretty woman who seem to also have the best assets with a perfect career, a very handsome but cold man who can resist all other women but not the main character, they have the coolest jobs and it does not hurt that they are somewhat rich  because of some inheritance.

Or, the main character is down and out, she is gorgeous but she has bad luck with men and has a terrible job and then fell in love with her boss while all the time, there is another alpha male who is her best friend and been there for her but she didnt realise it until she is dumped by her boss.

And don’t get me started on those run-away brides.

Ha, yet time and time again, we get hooked.

I think it is because, women like to think that there is such fantasy love in the world. And we would all liked to be swept off our feet by some dashing stranger and spend the rest of our lives in bliss.

In real life, being in love is just being in love. A simple  relationship with another average person and both of you lead an average life. Probably, we all yearn for a little risk and trouble in our lives. Yet, deep in our hearts, we know that we value stability more than anything else.

So, since we can’t have it in real life, those romance novels are the perfect fix.

Men have their porn, women have their romance novels.

This is indeed a balanced world. :P