Monthly Archive: March, 2010

Living for the weekends


今天 有一点累, 有一点闷, 还有一点点不愉快在心中 有一点嫉妒 也有一点矛盾 还有好多好多的不明白。 咳。。。 都怪那 名利权利势力钱币在搞鬼 人 - 为什么就不能懂得知足长乐呢?

romance novels and women

I saw this image from here recently. Reading the copy at the bottom, you will realise that it is an advertisement for the postal service in Australia. But I had a different interpretation… Read More


With such a title, you would have guessed this is a nostalgia piece. And yes, you’re right. Past.Present.Future. I was reading a group blog that I was part of some years ago and… Read More