Resolesson #3 – Stay happy and contented

In life, we are always comparing. Whether it’s grades, salary or even height. It is a never ending cycle, and the more we compare, the more depressed we are.

In all I do, I have always reminded myself to stay grounded and be happy with what I have. And I do have much to be happy about, a caring family, understanding friends, a loving partner, a job and a roof over my head.

But at times, I slipped.

And you cannot help but compare. That makes you kind of depressed and easily irked. And in the process of narrowing the gap between the so called better alternative, you may lose yourself and what you really believe in. But honestly, the gap can only get bigger.

So, from today onwards, my glass is always half full and full of potential.

Half full, not half empty

Half full, not half empty