Resolesson #2 – Don’t wear super high heels for consecutive days

Just a few more days into the new year, I have learned another important lesson. And it is a painful one without any doubt.

I think many girls are guilty of this as well….

Don't kid yourself. Your feet will hurt. (Source: To die for Louboutin heels!)

Don't kid yourself. Your feet will hurt.

Yes, no matter how comfortable those heels seem at first, they all become your biggest nemesis at the end of the day. Especially so when you have to walk around in them.

The bf  laments that he cannot understand women’s love-hate relationship with our shoes. To be honest, I don’t understand either. Ha. It is like you know for sure those shoes are going to strain your feet after a long day, but you just want to wear them anyway. You would think that we would become smarter the next time round and not wear it again (at least not for long periods), but you’ll be damn – because I would gladly wear them out again and suffer from bruise feet once again.

So I have resort to categorizing my shoes.

Cat 1 – Shoes for everyday wear: Birkenstock slippers, pumps/flats and flip flops

Cat 2 – Fancy shoes, but able to wear for long periods: Kitten heels, one to two inch heels and non-pointed shoes

Cat 3 – Feet killers, wear to sit-down events only and then immediately back home in a taxi: everything pointed, extremely pointed, 3 inches and above.

Sometimes I also dun understand why we women go through such pain to look nice. Sigh.

But hey, give me a pair of Louboutin (like those in the picture above) any day and I will gladly bear with the pain…. :P