Resolesson #1 – Don’t paint my nails before bedtime

Okay, so it is tradition to start off the new year with resolutions and so I should do so too ya?

And instead of compiling a list from the beginning of the year, I shall write them down as they happen (or never happen). They shall be called Resolessons. Ha. Lame but who cares.

So here goes

Don’t paint my nails before bedtime (Source: Getty Images)

Don’t paint my nails before bedtime (Image source: Getty Images)

I do that all the time. It happened again this morning in fact.

I don’t know why but I always seem to have the urge to paint my nails in the middle of the night. And usually 1-2 hours before bedtime. And as all girls should know, nail varnish takes a loooooong time to dry, even the quick drying ones.

But usually at the end of an intensive mani/pedicure session, I would be dead tired and can’t wait for them to dry thoroughly. I mean, I look kind of silly holding my fingers up to the fan also. And so i have to go to bed, when they are kind of dry, at least in my opinion and at least on the surface.

So I go to bed. Trying hard not to squish my fingers. Pulled up my blanket with my finger tips. So far so good.

Then I put my hands flat on my chest and told my fingers,

“Stay there tonight. Don’t move.”

But you know what is going to happen anyway.

Instead of smooth varnished nails, you wake up to bumpy ones, like the texture of a towel. And obviously, you can’t let them see the light of day or be caught with such ‘textured’ nails.

So I sacrificed my morning newspaper reading time to clean them off. You waste your nail polish and your remover and your cotton pads and your sense of smell. The smell of the nail polish remover isn’t the best scent in the morning.

Blame it on my stupidity.

Once again, repeat after me

Don’t paint your nails before bedtime (and ruined them with fabric marks and spend the morning cleaning them off).

Before I go, let’s learn some chinese.


This is hailrious, can!!!!

Mid week mid week mid week mid week!