Monthly Archive: January, 2010

Resolesson #3 – Stay happy and contented

In life, we are always comparing. Whether it’s grades, salary or even height. It is a never ending cycle, and the more we compare, the more depressed we are. In all I do,… Read More


@ a bus stop along serangoon road after my piano class Me: (talking about shoes and heels and flats whatsoever and how my knee seems to be suffering from rheumatism) BF: 女人很麻烦。 Me:… Read More

Resolesson #2 – Don’t wear super high heels for consecutive days

Just a few more days into the new year, I have learned another important lesson. And it is a painful one without any doubt. I think many girls are guilty of this as… Read More

Resolesson #1 – Don’t paint my nails before bedtime

Okay, so it is tradition to start off the new year with resolutions and so I should do so too ya? And instead of compiling a list from the beginning of the year,… Read More

2009 as presented in FB status

Yea, the status updates on Facebook really does reflect my year, kindda. Proj Bear has since been completed. And the man has bought a frame for me from Ikea. For once I am… Read More

01.01.10 Proj Bear

Yeah! I’m done, in the nick of time. Need to grab a frame from Ikea! Wonder where this will end up next year this time…. Happy New Year everyone! Have a blast in… Read More