Entertainment in between sewing

What’s better than surfing the net in between sewing?! And here are some cool webbies on my must visit list.

Images taken from the respective websites.

No. 1 – The Oatmeal


Silly comics and quizzes. Bound to trigger a giggle or two. They have things like….

  • How to use an apostrophe
  • How Twilight works
  • How a web designer goes straight to hell
  • How different age group celebrate Halloween

Worth a read anyhow!

No. 2 – Not Cot

This is  a collection of interesting websites and articles of all things creative. I can spend a long time on this site!


No. 3 – My milk toof

Another cute website about two milk teeth. Heh. Cute story lines!


No. 4  – The Satorialist


A website to look and be jealous of all those beautiful people and clothes. Good inspiration for your own wardrobe too.


Enjoy! Happening weekend ahead! Yes, that include sewing as well of course. The bf just reminded me that it is already December! Shucks.

27 Days til the end of the year!