Monthly Archive: December, 2009

proj bear 2 days left

Need.To.Sew. QUICKLY It is slower than I thought. and I didn’t manage to sew on my road trip to melaka. Shucks. Now, I need a miracle. Shucks. Back stitching is such a bitch.

Project Bear 7 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have finally finally, finally finally finished the background and moved on to the back stitches! Like finally. Taaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~ 7 more days till the end of December! This weekend I will be… Read More

Proj Bear 13 days left!

Finally, just when you thought I have given up on the project, here’s a progress report. Don’t expect much though!!! Going to the Budak Pantai concert tonight. Can’t wait! Definitely will remind of… Read More

17 days to deadline and other random things!

only 17 days left. Shucks, shucks, shucks. I better buck up. Had a fun filled Sunday with the man, Joo and her brother taking unconventional convo photos. Will post them once they are… Read More

Project Bear and SEA games

How often do you see Singapore at the top of the medal tally for sporting events? Not often. Must capture the moment! and…… 20 DAYS LEFT for Project Bear!

Proj Bear 24 days left and Bistro 103

Okay, photos speak louder than words. I am making progress, slow but steady. But looks like I really have to bring my stitching along for my road trip to Melaka this Christmas. Weekend… Read More

Entertainment in between sewing

What’s better than surfing the net in between sewing?! And here are some cool webbies on my must visit list. Images taken from the respective websites. No. 1 – The Oatmeal Silly comics… Read More

Proj Bear day 19 and other rantings

Here’s the progress… Amazing right – six days and only one small portion completed. Shucks. And now, I want to rant. Remember this article from HDB? According to the article, 8 out of… Read More