Proj Bear 3/4/5/6

Okay, so I digress, I must confess.

The weekend was spent on many leisurely activities except sewing. To my credit, I did do a tiny weeny bit on Friday night. The BF can attest to that. Posting photo would be useless, as the stitches are barely visible. :P What?! It was a white thread!

43 days to the end of the year. Shucks. I better finish it fast!

On another note, I went for a play on Sunday afternoon at the Necessary Stage.

Credits to The Necessary Stage.

Credits to The Necessary Stage.

Synopsis from the Necessary Stage

A Singaporean woman and a Russian man fall in love. Where do they settle down?
Two lonely women form a deep bond. What happens when tragedy strikes?
A dying man and his confidant exchange stories of love and sacrifice.

What is it like to be caught in a rut when the world around you is moving at such high speed?

The play is a collaboration between the local theatre company and Russia’s KnAM Theatre. They were featured in one of my company’s publication and so I decided to go and watch the show.

Before the show and judging from the synopsis, I would think that it would be a very straight forward play, just physical props, typical backdrops/settings and simple soundtracks.

Lo and behold, I was wrong!

There were projections, sound effects, light boxes, and of course, fantastic actors.

I especially liked how two characters were behind a translucent screen which was also used as the projecting screen. So it was almost like they were from another realm looking down on the other characters. One of the characters behind the screen also had projector on his head, screening the same thing projected on to the same screen. Makes it a lot more interesting.

They made use of loudhailers in the production too. And being a small space The Necessary Stage black box is, you can say that the effect was overtly dramatic. I was really impressed.

I could go on and on and on….

The storyline, was, in my opinion, thought provoking and gives the audience a lot of room to imagine and decide what the production signify. So good for people who love to day dream and think about all sorts of things and bad for those who need to see a definite beginning and end.

Cheerios to local theatre.

And more to come for me this December!