Monthly Archive: November, 2009

Proj Bear Day 12 to 18

Just when you are thinking that I have shoved Proj Bear in to the deep end of the drawer…… Hey, I did sew over the past six days ya. Just have been on… Read More

Proj Bear Day 10/11 and everything else

Yea! after some pretty intensive stitching, I am proud to say that I have finished the main pattern. Cheerios! Looks like I will be on schedule. Sunday evenings have become rendezvous nights with… Read More

Lunch with lumiere – Mary Kafe

Lunching with the office people is a fun affair! Yesterday, we went to Mary Kafe for some home cooked Eurasian/Peranakan food. Sedap!

Proj Bear Day 8/9

So I was on leave yesterday from work. The purpose was to apply for a Burmese visa for a trip next year.. But turns out we needed more documents than what is stated… Read More

Proj Bear Day 7

I sewed till 12.30am last night. But the progress is still like awfully slow! I went to dig out of the past cross stitch projects I have done, and managed to find this… Read More

Proj Bear 3/4/5/6

Okay, so I digress, I must confess. The weekend was spent on many leisurely activities except sewing. To my credit, I did do a tiny weeny bit on Friday night. The BF can… Read More

Proj Bear day 2

*Updated! So I did some stitching. But it is so tiring yet enjoyable. I realised how geeky this all is going to be, but I am going to continue updating anyway. Ha. I… Read More

Proj Bear Day 1

So as per my previous post, I have decided to revive my really old cross stitch and complete it before the end of the year. Why all of a sudden enthusiasm? Because I… Read More

Project Bear

My resolution before the year ends FINISH MY EIGHT YEAR OLD CROSS STITCH PROJECT! more details to come.