The thing about Facebook

My good friend made a comment about Facebook today

“I can hardly bear to look at FB but yet, I can’t help but surf FB.”

I totally understand what she means.

You see updates about holidays to far away places, dinners at fancy restaurants, romantic videos about couples getting married and the coolest things people are doing at work.

Makes you feel inadequate and envious after going through pages and pages of such updates.

But yet, you feel like you need know about what is happening in your ‘friends’ life.

Oh, so he went to that country. He’s dating her and she got married already? Or, that wasn’t how I remember her to be etc etc etc….

Facebook, and even any other social network websites, has become more than just a website for staying in contact with your friends – it has become a platform for people to flaunt their lifestyles and tell the world how lucky or unfortunate they are, whether or not it is true or otherwise.

It has also become a platform to form judgments or impressions about people – which may not be necessary reflective as well.

This person must be rich to be traveling every other month (败家子), that person is always seen taking photo with a different guy (wanton) and check out those racy videos this person is posting again (pervert)…

Our personality is twisted – because of our online persona and how people judge us according to our profile.

Our self-worth is warped – because of what we presume other have while we don’t.

All because we have more access to each other’s life via a website.