Please to meet you, bowels and some other airlines stories

One fine evening, I was heading for dinner and passed by the HDB hub while a notice caught my attention. I made a u-turn and couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.



It is just kind of in your face isn’t it. I wonder what they talk about during the forum. And I was just thinking that they could have come up with another name for the forum. But, hey, why hide the obvious right.

A check on the IBS support group website shows that the problem affects one in 10 Singaporeans and is the second most common reason for being absent from work, with the first being the common cold. Scary, I didn’t know.

And this reminded me of a true story about a man who sat next to the lavatory on an airplane. He even wrote a complain letter to the airline depicting his experience on seat 29E. Here is his story, in the original form.





Totally hilarious. The man must have a very good sense of humor. Otherwise, he would not be able to pen the letter in such, in my opinion, optimism. But seriously, if he can actually reach out from his seat and be able to touch the door of the toilet, it must have been pretty darn near. Trust the engineers to think of this.

And then there is another airline story. This has surfaced again recently due to the Air France crash.

flying out....

flying out....

gapping hole...

gapping hole...

I have received several versions of this story. Some say it is the Air France crash, and another one, refers this to the GOL B737 crash with a Embraer Legacy. Apparently the memory card was found among the debris and was mircalously undamaged. Is there truth in either of these stories?

A quick check on the net reveals that while the latter story of the Embraer Legacy crash is true, the photos were not from the accident.

Where are the photos from then?

Lo and behold.

They are from…………

The popular TV series, LOST.


Fans of the drama series will quickly recognize the woman using the oxygen mask in the left of the pictures as “Kate” (Evangeline Lilly), one of Lost’s pivotal characters. The slumped figure beside her is “Edward Mars” (Fredric Lehne) the U.S. Marshal who was escorting Kate back to the United States as his prisoner. Kate’s status as a prisoner is shown by her handcuffs, which are clearly visible in the images. Virtually identical images of Kate and the Marshal during the crash sequence can be Lost promotional video and elsewhere on the Internet.

Check out this link for the video….

No wonder I found it familiar when I first received the images earlier this month. Ha..

Never, ever believe all that you see online…