war photography

I bought a copy of Asian Geographic recently because the cover caught my attention.

a 'sculpture' put together by an artist at S21

a 'sculpture' put together by an artist at S21, Cambodia

Source: Asian Geographic

Perhaps I had been watching too much of Bones, but the cover was hard to ignore on the news stand. 

 Turns out to be a great issue, covering the taboos in Asia. The most memorable piece for me was one that talked about war photography.

A picture speaks a thousand words. No matter how hard you try to describe the gruesome details of a war/riot/civil turmoils, it is nothing like having a photo. Like this - 

Photo also won Reuters Pulitzer Prize

Photo also won Reuters Pulitzer Prize

RNPS PICTURES OF THE YEAR – Kenji Nagai of APF tries to take photographs as he lies injured after police and military officials fired upon and then charged at protesters in Yangon’s city centre September 27, 2007. Nagai, 50, a Japanese video journalist, was shot by soldiers as they fired to disperse the crowd. Nagai later died. REUTERS/Adrees Latif (MYANMAR)

The power of photographs.