Grads exploit loophole

Yes, I am guilty of it too

Yes, I am guilty of it too

I think some of us, at some point in time did misuse our ‘expired’ matriculation card to enjoy special discounts.

Hey, it is quite tempting. Imagine you are just out of uni, without a job and all. You need to save money somewhere somehow for the time being. And when discounts are available for ‘students’, you can’t help but just whipped out your card. It helps that you still looking convincingly youthful enough.

For me, I have used it a couple of times at KTV joints. These places charge exorbitant prices and being identified as a student does have its perks. Somehow, I don’t feel that guilty using it. Ha.

That was like 4-5 months after graduation. Now, I am happy to announce that I have stopped being such a cheapo or however you put it. But, sometimes, you just have the urge to say YES when asked if you are a student. So to prevent misuse, I have since left the card at  home. :)