marketing interest group – photo from eons ago

I was looking through really old emails in my almost obsolete yahoo account and found this old and forgotten photo. 


committee members of the marketing interest group, 2002

committee members of the marketing interest group, 2002

This was way back in Temasek Poly when I was part of the Diploma of Marketing interest group. I didn’t remember this photo at all. I think this was the one and only event that we organised as the committee, some get together session at some lounge in the poly.

Check out the hair and the tan…. I forgot I was once that dark. But come to think about it, we all look quite tan in the picture! And I remotely remember that we were all quite active in the Students’ Union and the Business Studies Club (honestly, no studying was actually involved) activities in one way or another. 

That pair of jeans I am wearing, ladies and gentlemen, is a GG5 pair. I was an aspiring OL when I was 17. Where did I find the money to buy back then? Must have cost at least 60 bucks! I think that pair of jeans is probably stuck somewhere at the back of my closet. And the top, if I am not wrong was U2 or something. And it is probably still somewhere. Sounds like I need to clean up my cupboard soon. Ha…. You can’t see my shoes. But I am quite sure it must have been a pair of 3-inch platform. I had two killer pairs back then, one white and the other denim blue. The other people looked taller because they are standing on a platform, trust me. 

Why do I remember my wardrobe so clearly?  Let’s just say that when you have limited clothes/shoes, every piece is quite memorable. But then again, you can just say that my memory is fantastic. 

And the face, gosh. So round! And why am I standing as it I am afraid that something would pounce on me? Hmm… Maybe I thought I would look skinnier that way… wahaha. Tacky!

Old photos are simply quite amazing aren’t they. They bring you back to times that you wished you had forgotten. :P