Monthly Archive: April, 2009

crazy over t-shirts!

My colleagues and I love online shopping. Recently, we bought like 30 plus t-shirts from I alone, bought like 5 for myself and another 2 by the bf. At 5USD per shirt,… Read More

8 months, 9 months and 10 months

1. 8 months It has been 8 months since I gave my heart away. Thank you for everything. It has also been 8 months that I have been a little less of the… Read More


Received this email from a friend and thought it is quite interesting. Sharing it here with everyone. 第一句   如果我们之间有1000步的距离      你只要跨出第1步      我就会朝你的方向走其余的999步    第二句      通常愿意留下来跟你争吵的人      才是真正爱你的人    第三句      付出真心 才会得到真心… Read More