My second attempt with my Diana F+
    Lomography B/W 120mm ISO100 film
    Diana+ 38mm Super Wide Lens
  • Bob looks sneaky here….
    • monolomo2
  • Mr Merlion. Oh wait, could be a Miss too. And lover cows on the bottom.
    •    monolomo3
  • The word ‘Tie Shu’ just come into my mind when I look at this photo.   
    • monolomo4 
  • Reason for this similar shot: I thought I forgot to take off the lens cover for the previous shot. 
    • monolomo5
  • Designers moonlighting as photographers for a day at Sentosa. Or would they prefer to be photographers first?
    •   monolomo6
  • Looks like kampong. I think that was the point.  
    •   monolomo7
  • Huge scaly lizard. But very very tame.  
    • monolomo8 
  • View from my house again.
    • Need to bring my Diana out more often.