Monthly Archive: October, 2008

Moody mood.

Sometimes, I am not too sure whether I should share my woes because I am worried about bothering people.See the irony in that statement?I guess, I am just a talented ‘worrier’.Internal struggles and… Read More

Gimme Gimme Gimme!

I still remember the time when my best friend was obsessed with lomo cameras. I think I have caught the bug too, albeit a few years late. And this is especially so after… Read More

journalists woes

Seriously? these headlines are simply out of this world. Erm. teen pregnancy, 25 years old? which part of 25 do you not understand? I think lawyers themselves need professional legal advice from their… Read More

lazy saturday afternoon

warm sunshine and a soft breeze is just my favourite kind of weather for a lazy weekend afternoon. looking at the tall, green trees swaying outside my window has an amazing therapeutic effect… Read More