I will miss you – a heartfelt tribute

Most people walk in and out of our lives, but only friends leave footprints in our hearts.

Sometimes it is not how long we live on this earth that matters, but how we live and what we did during our sojourn on earth that sets us apart from others.

When I first got to know you some four years ago, I was happy, excited and a little nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. You were so tough yet at the same time, so fragile. I know that I have to put a lot of heart and a lot of patience in this relationship.I remembered the first time you were mad at me. I did not realise that you were going through an internal struggle. It was my fault. I was overprotective and wanted to make sure that you were safe against external threats. Little did I know that such anxiety would have caused you much trouble. I sought advice from others and finally removed that additional layer of protection and was I glad when you were normal again.

The second time was my fault as well. In my haste and negligence,  you fell. For your size, it was quite a fall. But thank goodness, you suffered only superficial wounds. A small chip off the block as one may put it. And I have come to appreciate your hardy-ness. Once again, I promised that I would take good care of you again.

Yet, it happened again.

Third time lucky. This time, I have no idea what happened. You just refused to wake up. I tried all means and ways to wake you up but you just slept. To make things worst, this was my busy period in school. I had no time to pacify you or ‘romance’ you. I was worried that this would be the end. But a visit to the doctor showed that you just needed a little ‘polishing’. After all, people and even things grow old and would eventually need ‘maintenance’.

You were with me through thick and thin, even during my FYP event. You sat there quietly supporting me and let me do my stuff. I thought you would be fine. But, little did I know that you would be hurt again. This time round, you were hit on your head. I thought I saw your head split opened. But thank goodness, all was well and fine.

7 Sept 2008 – you decided to rest for good. But I am ardent that I can still keep part of you with me. I haven’t decided when, but I will bring you to the doctor once again and have them extract your heart for me. The heart contains all the memories that I have shared with you for the past 4 years or so. I will make sure I keep it safe, perhaps in a handy case. So that whenever I need to revisit those memories, I can reach them easily.

I will miss you.

My dearest, dearest Fujitsu laptop.