Monthly Archive: September, 2008


I am thankful to have found you. Thank you for making everything right.     

I will miss you – a heartfelt tribute

Most people walk in and out of our lives, but only friends leave footprints in our hearts. Sometimes it is not how long we live on this earth that matters, but how we… Read More

Pictorial updates

After a long hiatus, here’s some updates of what has been happening. : ) Full of spelling errors. Lazy to change.

makeover photos (absolutely fetching!)

As promised, here is a series of yearbook photos through the ages. : ) I actually think some of the photos look quite nice and seem quite real. Wahaha.

yearbook photos… (with a twist)

Found a new website where you can generate your own yearbook photos. Note that it is not the modern kind. Be ready for a good laugh. More to come…. wahahaha..