the worst illness – amnesia

I have been keeping a diary, on and off, since I was 12. And one of my favourite past time is reading the really old entries and poking fun at my lousy grammar, bad spelling and my childish ideals or views.

Keeping a blog is slightly different I guess. I obviously cannot write every intimate detail of my life here and risk it being broadcast to the entire world. One thing remains the same, I enjoy looking back at old entries and laugh at myself. Like this entry here back in 2005.

Utterly silly and random but I realise, some things never change.

I still want to visit Greece, Egypt, and London. I still think Daniel Wu is cute. Flying cockroaches are the deadliest things in the world after crows. I never gave up the thought of being a doctor (of some kind) although now I can settle with being a doctor’s wife. I still like those sappy love songs, especially 把你藏起来 although now almost any Jay Chou’s song works for me. There is no way I would ever miss a KTV session and who doesn’t want a fairy godmother?

With the onset of convocation and the beginning of a new chapter in my life, everything old seems so precious, so familiar, so difficult to let go…

And so, I conclude that amnesia and Alzheimer’s are the worst illnesses one can get.

You can put a machine in my heart and make me sit on a wheelchair. I can take medication everyday and make frequent trips to the toilet. But if you ever rob me of my memories, what would make me, me?