Monthly Archive: June, 2008

Sompiah! and a whole lot of random thoughts

After a few months of preparation, I am finally leaving for Cambodia this Sunday! You can be sure that I will post super a lot of photos when I come back. It is… Read More

The varieties of the balloonhat experience

Who would have thought balloon twisting could evoke such immense happiness? Source In 1996, Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert began traveling to different places in the world to make balloon hats for… Read More

time of the month.. again

Many VRTs again. Time of the month again to emo. Fond memories were revisited after stumbling upon a long forgotten movie soundtrack on youtube. You know how you can just listen to the… Read More

(Love) Song of the moment

Once again, another song is stuck in my head. Especially so after watching Made of Honour. And about the show, it is very predictable of your usual romantic comedy but I just like… Read More

jabs and injections

Prior to setting off for my Cambodia expedition, I went for a medical examination yesterday. And, we had to take 2 jabs. The last time I took so many injections at the same… Read More

Dare for more – in red, white and blue

Advertising has been one of my favourite subject in school. I love collecting and watching TV commercials and surfing the web looking for unique ads from all over the world. And I found… Read More

Are you smarter than your right foot?

Are you feeling bored? Looking for something interesting to do? Try this! From an orthopedic surgeon……. WITHOUT anyone watching you (They will think you are GOOFY) and while sitting down, lift right foot… Read More

My love/hate relationship with arabic numerals, algebra and fractions

I was never good in mathematics. It was my Worst Subject In School (WSIS). It is so significant that I have to give it an acronym. In fact, I started failing maths when… Read More

Goodbye (officially) NTU!

I am done with school. Results are out. Goodbye lectures, tutorials, projects and endless meetings at the benches. Hello to 9 to 5, monthly income and getting on with life. Erm. First. Must… Read More

America’s first African American president?

I usually don’t take an interest in politics, not even that in my home country. But this year, the democratic nomination race in the US has made me a little intrigue and interested… Read More