Monthly Archive: May, 2008

Phobia of phobias

My sister inspired me to write this entry about phobias. We were trying to open a bottle of sparkling wine last night and my sister, decided to be the brave one to pop… Read More

pata pata pata pon!

My sister received a PSP as her 21st birthday gift recently. And I think I am addicted. I am always looking for opportunities to get my hands on that little machine. For example,… Read More

Faces on your dollar notes!

Isn’t this amazing? I wonder if you can do the same for our dollar notes. And so i decided to try folding something with my US$1 following the guide on this website.  And…..… Read More

39.3 degrees of suffering

I am sick. Really sick. I have not been so sick before. Fever – 39.3 degrees Cough – very chesty coughs, my left lung hurts Sore throat – as if i have swallowed… Read More

my sister’s big geeky 21

Time files. My kiddo sister is finally an adult.


如果把我 想你的心情 写成一首歌 那会是怎样的一首歌 会不会是一首浪漫的情歌 让谁听了都会陶醉 或是一首节奏轻快的歌曲 让人感到心情愉快 如果把我 想你的心情 写成一首歌 那会是怎样的一首歌 会不会是一首感伤的摇滚 沧桑中却带点温柔 还是像一首静静 的钢琴曲 婉娩的让我泪流 *** 有些事,不需要一个明确的开始或结果 也能让人念念不忘

VRTs (Very random thoughts)

It has been a long while since I have posted any VRTs. And since I have been pretty free the past few weeks, there had been an influx of them. Too many in… Read More