an artistic concert aka a reunion?

While most of my peers would attend concerts by popular pop artistes like Mayday, Jay Chou or Maroon 5, I attended Jeff Chang’s symphony concert (弦歌有你)last Saturday.

jeff chang concert

He was my idol for some time actually. haha. I practically grew up with his songs. Hearing his songs would remind me of those happy and leisurely days in secondary school, especially how my choir mates and I learned one of his song for our speech day performance. I think the song is called 梦想成真, or roughly translated into realising your dreams. man, memories.

His concert was quite artistic. Along with his songs, works by legendary artistes like Degas and famous painting like sunflowers, the girl with the pearl earring were projected onto stage. I thought it was quite an interesting concept. There were three frames on the stage and the paintings were projected upon them like this:


And, this was how far I was from the stage.

jeff far far away

Bought the cheapest ticket as my best friend and I predicted that it would be more of a ‘listening’ concert rather than a ‘watching’ concert. And we were right. Jeff Chang dancing? I cannot imagine. :P

The good thing was there were projector screens in the hall to provide those at the back with a better view…

screen along the halls
and just like in any concert, we (those at the back, that is) were affectionately known as “后面的朋友”. It was as if we need reminding we were sitting right at the back. :(

Notice his curly hair? We concluded that he was trying to emulate the hairstyle in the 18th century. (artistic ma, suit his theme!)


Instead of sweeping to the back, he had his ‘modernised’, swept to the front. :P The chinese papers actually called that the maggi mee hair. But I think our version is much more original and creative.

Really enjoyed myself singing along with almost all the songs! It’s amazing how I can remember the lyrics to the most ancient songs. On the contrary, I probably do not remember what I learned last semester about PR or branding or ethics.

The best part was I bumped into a lot of people! My Chinese teacher from secondary school who still remember my name (!), peers from CS and my secondary school friend. My chinese teacher was the funny one. He was like “Are you sure this is from your era?” Haha. I still remember he recommended one of Jeff Chang’s album to us back then. Gee…

David Tao’s concert coming up in April. Hopefully, I can save up enough to buy the tickets. And i miss going to the theatre too. Anyone need a part time worker?