Taxi woes!

Just in one day alone, I came across not one, but two weird taxi drivers.

1. Taxi uncle number 1 aka Crazy Taxi

During the 20 minutes taxi ride, he was honked by fellow drivers, mounted a kerb (!) and he braked like nobody’s business.

2. Taxi uncle number 2 aka Ancient Vehicle

The driver was quite old and so was the taxi. It was those kind of taxi I would have rode on when I was in primary school. There was even a small fan mounted on the dashboard. It smelt musky as well. It is like the kind of taxi you might find on Pulau Ubin. Really old looking. The license plate began with SH. So you can see how old the taxi really is. And to sum it all up, the ride was quite jerky. :(

So some taxis drivers in Singapore are weird. And we are always greeted by the familiar colours and LED display on top of the car to indicate its availability to take passengers. Like this……


In Japan, it is much more interesting! They look like this:

Taxi 1taxi2


Photos from PingMag – read full article here

The best thing is, those are not advertisements but rather logos or names of the respective transport companies. The star thingy on the last photo actually indicate that the driver is a master driver, meaning that he had not had a traffic violation or accident for at least a year. Talking about a safe trip home!