rodent proof store and a braille inscripted toilet

here’s a small collection of weird and interesting photos I took……


I know it is probably weird to take a picture in the toilet cubicle. it is probably weirder to take a picture of the automatic flush sensor or whatever you call it. But this one at Jurong Point really caught my eye. Can you tell what it is?

braille close up

It’s Braille! On the flush sensor. No wonder the toilets at Jurong Point actually won the happy toilets award (no, i’m not kidding) given out by the Restroom Association (no, seriously! not kidding!) in Singapore. I tried to figure out what it says using this chart but I couldn’t. I think it probably says press here, push this, or something along that line. If you can figure it out, let me know. very curious.

On a random bus trip, i saw this……..

give up your seat

Yes, I see, the usual public notice to give up your seat to the elderly, also to the lady with a child, and … huh?! A person holding a bag or something? What’s that?! So I took a closer look.


My initial thought was why would SBS do that? Giving up your seat to someone with a laptop!? You must be kidding me! I paid so much to get on the bus and you want me to give up my seat to someone with a laptop? Maybe I should just bring my laptop everywhere I go then!

But it turns out that it was not some public notice but an advertisement by M1 promoting its wireless services. I must say that it is quite clever of them to come up with this concept.

On another bus trip, I took a double take when I saw a strange man……

the man at the shop

Not the man in the foreground la.


It was this that caught my attention! My first reaction was why did they have to put a red towel over the manikin/mannequin? It looked quite funny, at least to me. I think it was some traditional chinese medicine clinic. But still, the golden manikin and red towel combination looked kind of weird to me. Weird or not, probably the owners there feel it is also necessary to protect the modesty of the manikin. :P

Manikin – another weird word. why must they have two words to describe what is essentially the same thing?

Manikin – a jointed model of the human body, used in anatomy or as an artist’s lay figure.

Mannequin – a dummy used to display clothes in a shop window.

Almost the same right? Anyway……

Last but not the least, I discovered a little known place/room in NTU.

rodent proof

Rodent proof store! This was near Canteen A if I did not remembered wrongly. So does it mean that there are a lot of rats in that area and therefore they had to have such a room to store food? But still, it is quite funny to name a room like that. Imagine if all food stores were rodent proof stores, then Pixar would not have been able to produce Ratatouille. (okay, not funny)

By the way, I found out that the working title for Ratatouille was Untitled Rodent Project. Sounds like some criminal thriller! haha… And in Japanese, it is Remî no oishî resutoran (Remy’s Delicious Restaurant). Very different from Ratatouille I must say.

I realise i take note of the most ridiculous things around me. weird.