recess in excess


So recess week’s over and it is back to work. :)

It was really lovely to have met up with my primary school mates to celebrate Fiona’s birthday – which certainly doesn’t come often. Happy ’6th’ Birthday dear! I think it was a record turn out – 12 of us – and many of whom I have known for about 16 years! That is mighty long. I do hope that we will keep in touch and hang out more often.

for now, it is back to working on my final year project, or referred to affectionately by one of my FYP mates as Final Year Pain, and making things work. only 2 more weeks to submission! then, it is time for celebration.

things haven’t been smooth for me. and I think it was with divine intervention that I had managed to scrap through this trying period. and I am really thankful for it.

back to work!