Monthly Archive: March, 2008

26 March 2008

mad rush. hollandv.zhichar.marmaladepantry.greatcompany.superduperhappy. I think, we need to make a t-shirt for FYP. just like those for the thrill rides in amusement parks. It is not done yet. I need to ‘vomit’… Read More

i’m famous!

As you may have already notice, I have been on the news for the past couple of days. And I heard there has been an overwhelming response… No? You haven’t heard? That’s because… Read More

an artistic concert aka a reunion?

While most of my peers would attend concerts by popular pop artistes like Mayday, Jay Chou or Maroon 5, I attended Jeff Chang’s symphony concert (弦歌有你)last Saturday. He was my idol for some… Read More

a birthday divertissement

I remembered i first did up comic strip lookalike collages for my hong kong trip a few years back. now with my fyp report more or less done (i hope!), it is time… Read More

Taxi woes!

Just in one day alone, I came across not one, but two weird taxi drivers. 1. Taxi uncle number 1 aka Crazy Taxi During the 20 minutes taxi ride, he was honked by… Read More

rodent proof store and a braille inscripted toilet

here’s a small collection of weird and interesting photos I took…… I know it is probably weird to take a picture in the toilet cubicle. it is probably weirder to take a picture… Read More

What major is right for you? (this comes a little too late)

Stumbled upon this quiz to determine which major is right for you and thought that I should just give it a try. It’s too late anyway, considering I would be graduating with a… Read More

recess in excess

So recess week’s over and it is back to work. It was really lovely to have met up with my primary school mates to celebrate Fiona’s birthday – which certainly doesn’t come often.… Read More

the deeper meaning of umbrellas

“Men who carry a high-quality umbrella will move up in life. Women who carry a high-quality umbrella will be showered in happiness.” It’s the truth. The umbrella above your head, the belt that… Read More