Bus rides no longer safe

Bus ride

Had to do something like this for fun. So what happened?

My good friend and I were traveling back home by bus from Orchard Road. We were happily seated on the upper deck of a double decker bus, chatting and grumbling about how much it cost to get flu vaccinations etc etc and suddenly, there was a loud bang. And the next thing we knew, we were cover by some black stuff. I looked up and saw that the window on the left hand side of the double decker had been hit by something and there was a huge hole in the middle of it. So the black stuff were actually bits of the tampered glass. Scary!

Initially I thought that the bus must have hit some branches from the trees along the road. It was only when some aunty started to say how big some stone is that I realise that it was not branches, but a huge stone that caused the damage.

While my mind was still trying to sense of the events, my friend asked me for a piece of tissue and to my horror, she was cut! Thankfully it was just a small cut but there was quite a bit of blood for such a small cut.

Our reflex raction was to move to the bottom deck immediately. The uncle who was sitting directly beside the impact was already there talking to the bus driver. (and thankfully, he was not hurt at all.) And the bus driver called the headquarters etc etc. But in the end, they felt that it should be safe to drive the bus to interchange since it is only like another 15 minutes journey.

Tinghui and I stood at the bottom deck for a good 10 minutes before I suggested that we should really go back up and take some pictures. My initial thought was we could send it to STOMP! or even Lianhe Wanbao! Looks like the training in school did pay off somehow, although it came 10mins later.

So up we go taking photos (the power of mobile phone cameras!) and those brave souls who were still seated on the upper deck were laughing and ‘tsk-ing’ at us. After we were done taking, others followed suit. So much for the initial disapproval. And suddenly, I felt like I have lost an interesting scoop.

The bigger question here is how did the stone hit the window? Is it some young punk trying to be funny and trying his pitching skills? Or could it be from the construction works that is at that area? Maybe they were drilling the ground and the stone flew out by accident? I have no idea.

I am just thankful that we were all safe. :)